De Los Amores Negados (Of Useless Loves)

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Villegas Editores en 2003 y Grupo Planeta en el 2004.
Latinamerican Literary Award 2004 at the BookExpo America (BEA), in the category of Best Romantic Novel.



«De los amores negados» was the first novel by Angela Becerra, creator of Magic Idealism. The story takes place in the imaginary city of Garmendia del Viento, where time seems to accompany the anxieties of Fiamma and Martin.

It has been described as a beautiful and masterful novel on eroticism. «Of Useless Loves» take us into the most refined sensibilitie and subtle humor. The love story between Fiamma dei Fiori and Martin Amador is like the sea waves: whiping, hitting, caressing, licking. It deepens the reader in a swing of feelings, in the maelstrom of emotional contradictions. Love and heartbreak, continuity and passion, spirituality and rebellion are part Fiamma dei Fiori’s life, a real and complete woman in the fullest moment of her existance… and also the  emptiest in her lifetime.

It is a overflowing text full of life, searches, idealism, possible and impossible dreams, joy and loneliness, all put together in order to achieve what we all want: to find ourselves.

This work had a warm reception from critics and readers in Spain and Latin America, and won the Chicago Latin Literary Award for Best Romantic Novel.