El Penúltimo Sueño (The Penultimate Dream)

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Villegas Editores en 2003 y Grupo Planeta
Azorín Novel Award 2005
Latinamerican Literary Award 2005 at BookExpo América (BEA), in the category of Best Romantic Novel
Best Colombian Fiction Book in 2005



« El Penúltimo sueño » promotes Angela Becerra as a great novelist. It is an immense love story in which all obstacles are overcome. The story takes place in Barcelona and Cannes, where Joan and Soledad fall in love as teenagers. Throughout its pages, the protagonists live a lengthy unfinished dream with a surprising ending.

The Penultimate Dream is the story of an intense first love wth everything against. Joan Dolgut and Soledad Urdaneta represent a particular Romeo and Juliet in the Europe of the interwar period. Joan fled Spain at the end of the Civil War, and worked as a waiter at a luxury hotel in Cannes; Soledad is the beautiful daughter of a Colombian billionaire settled in the hotel temporarily. Although Joan is forbidden to even look at such a special guest, the young man has already fallen in love with her. Thanks to his skills at the piano, Joan could access this untouchable princess, although the conventions of the time quickly truncated the dream of eternal love. Their lives became then a permanent and expanded unfinished dream from which they awaken only at the end of their lives.

This book obtained the Azorin Novel Award 2005, the Colombian Award for Best Fiction Book in 2005, and the Chicago Latinamerican Literary Award for Best Romantic Novel in 2005.