Ella, que todo lo tuvo (She, Who Had it All)

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Grupo Planeta
Award Planeta-Casa de América



Angela Becerra, creator of Magic idealism, published in 2009 this novel of psychological cut, which tells the story of a writer who after an accident never rewrites again. Defeated and lost, she takes a trip to Florence looking for a fascinating story told to her once by her father and which she wants to make it a novel. In their eagerness to feel alive, she creates an enigmatic and silent character: La Donna di Lacrima. She receives men, in a superb attic located in Via Ghibellina, who will tell her their life and worship her body and silence. No one will recognize her the solitary and sad writer who restores books and visits every afternoon at seven o’clock the old bookstore at Mercato Nuovo, where a bookseller as lonely and mysterious as the writer, awaits for her.

She, Who Had it All is a moving story, deep, wrenching and full of sensuality and symbolism. Ángela Becerra explores in it the depths of loneliness, the fragility of the human being and our constant struggle to find happiness and the true meaning of life.

This work obtained the Planeta-Casa de América Award 2009.